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Animals and aquaria

A sea of animal experiences

Did you know that the Kattegatcenter has more than 200 different species from around the world? See everything from fascinating sharks, humble hermit crabs and ferocious wolfish to colourful reef fish, venomous lionfish and adorable seals.

Our many open aquariums provide a unique opportunity to get up close to the wonderful world that is just under the water’s surface.

That sensation of being watched – it’s a shark!

Sharp teeth approach, while you look a hungry shark in the eye. They come from the right, the left and above. In our shark tank you will be surrounded by amazing animals! There are just 6 cm between you and the sharks when you go through our shark tunnel.

Say hello to the Kattegatcenter’s biggest fish, the sand tiger shark and wave to the big nurse sharks, black tipped reef sharks, sandbar sharks, bamboo sharks, and a spotted wobbegong. At the training ramp in the shallow end of the shark tank, you can get even closer, when we train the large nurse sharks.

We feed and train the large tropical sharks each day at 2pm.

Read more about our training and feeding programme here

See more of the day’s exciting activities in our programme

Tropical aquaria – full of fish with silly names

Striped clownfish, colourful surgeonfish, beautiful mandarinfish, cow nose rays and longhorned boxfish… Our tropical aquaria have a lot to offer and the fish are as fun to watch as their names are to read.

Let the beauty of the underwater world with its multi-coloured corals and fish wash over you. You’ll have to go down the stairs to meet our dangerous fish, and you’ll feel the danger coming closer step for step. At the bottom of the stairs lurk venomous lionfish, an electric eel, the world’s most venomous fish – the stone fish and many other monsters of the deep.

Oceanarium – an ocean of life

The Oceanarium is our largest aquarium. 1.5 million litres of water provide a home for the diverse range of animals found in the Kattegat (and probably on your dinner plate) – mackerel, cod, turbot, pollack and a host of other Danish fish species.

You will also find spiny dogfish, the lesser and greater spotted dogfish and the starry smooth-hound in the Oceanarium. Don’t worry though, these are sharks native to Denmark, not the inhabitants of the local dog shelter! You can also see two Beluga sturgeon, even though these are rare in the Kattegat.

If you want to get up close with the sharks, then book a trial dive in the Oceanarium.

Find out more about trial dives here

Find out more about feeding by divers in the Oceanarium here

Are there cats in the Kattegat?

Our Kattegat exhibition is divided into the different coastal and aquatic zones found in the Kattegat. Here you can find who lives in the tidal zone, by the cliffs and in the harbour.

In the aquaria you can see tiny and lightning quick sticklebacks, slender eels, slivery mullets, bottom-dwelling cod, starfish and a large, slightly shy lobster, to name but a few. The aquaria are open, so you can really get close to the Kattegat.

Visit our sweet, smart seals

At the Kattegatcentre we have 2 harbour seals, Liv and Felix, as well as a grey seal called Tulle. All four live and play in our spacious seal enclosure, which is continually refreshed with fresh seawater. Here they can experience the changing of the seasons and can hunt for crabs and small fish on the seabed. The enclosure is only separated from the Kattegat by a stone pier.

We train our seals every day to provide them with stimulation and exercise. At the same time, their training ensures the seals are comfortable with human contact, so we can handle them if they have to be moved or if they are ill. The seals are very talented – they can recognise letters because it earns them fish. You can also look forward to seeing how high they can jump out of the water!

Find out more about the Kattegatcentre’s seals here

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