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It´s for kids

Activities for our smallest guests

Playground: Experiments that are child's play

Sometimes when you are small, you just can't cope with seeing one more fish. That is the time to get outside and blow off some steam on our playground – where you are supposed to see, touch and crawl. Cleo the crab and a realistic octopus with six-meter long arms are just some of the friends, who are waiting to play with you outside by the lagoon.

In the playground we have built a giant water installation, where you can splash, spray and build dams.

Children's corner: The deep, quiet of the ocean

At the Kattegatcentre we have created a cozy universe, where children can play and retreat from the aquariums and other guests. The children’s corner is a place where fun, games and learning with other children can give a boost of energy, so you are ready to go explore a little more of the Kattegatcentre.

Mum and Dad can keep an eye on them from the café tables, with a coffee from the nearby café area.

Touchpools: Become an animal keeper

In our touch pools, you can get very close to the animals – here you allowed to touch them! Find out how to hold a crab, and what a shark’s skin feels like.

In our touch pools you can touch real sharks and feel the sharp, thorny spines on our big thornback rays.

The Ocean Expert is also a friend to our younger guests

The Ocean Expert is the Kattegatcentre’s guide, who is always ready with fun experiences and activities. For example you can feed small sharks or catch crabs with The Ocean Expert.

You can also try dissecting a squid or help empty the traps for the catch of the day.

The Ocean Expert is keen to tell our youngest visitors fun stories about all our animals, with props that they can both see and touch.

Look at today’s programme to find out what The Ocean Expert has planned

Learn more about The Ocean Expert

Have you met Sharky?

At the Kattegatcentre we have the world’s sweetest and softest shark! His name is Sharky and he loves giving kids a hug. Sharky is always willing to pose for a photo, or wave from a distance if you are more comfortable with that – he is a shark after all!

Sharky is normally around in the school holidays.

See when you can met Sharky in today’s programme

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