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Ice cold news 2022: Get close to the fastest penguin in the world!
Opens this summer 2022 (mid-July)

Get close to the fastest penguin in the world!

Important: The penguin facility has not yet opened. We expect to open in mid-July.

Get ready for an icy experience when we open our extraordinary penguin facility, where you can get close to sub-Antarctic penguins.

Summer 2022 (mid-July) sub-Antarctic penguins will move into the Kattegatcentre! You will indeed get close to the fascinating birds since our facility is one of the few in Europe where you can stand in the same room as the penguins. And it will be a truly sensuous experience to look forward to: It will be cold, the penguins will definitely make noise, and no doubt they will smell too!

Meet the fastest penguin in the world

The inhabitants of the new facility will be gentoo penguins. They are waddling awkwardly on land, but in water, they are the fastest penguin in the world with a top speed of 36 km/h! It is a small penguin with a great personality, and you can look forward to meeting each other.

The penguins come from other zoos in Europe. The Kattegatcentre participates in important breeding and exchange programs through our membership of EAZA (European Association and Zoos and Aquaria).

Experience the penguin above and below water

In our new facility, you can meet the penguins both above and below water, as the penguin facility covers two floors. One above water and one below water.

On the top floor, you will be in close contact with the penguins and surrounded by cold air and the distinctive sounds and smells of the noisy birds. There is no thick windowpane separating you from the penguins, and it will be a sensory-saturated meeting! Meditative calmness characterizes the lower floor, where you can watch the penguins’ elegant flight through the water.

The penguin facility opens summer 2022 (mid-July)

The penguins are not here yet. First, building the ultramodern penguin facility must be completed and the penguins moved in. The penguin facility opens in summer 2022 (mid-July).

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