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Shark training – and feeding

Training and feeding our tropical sharks

At the Kattegatcenter you can see our large, tropical sharks be fed and trained every day at 2 pm! Watch as nurse sharks roll onto their backs – and get a shock when the sand tiger shark launches its lightning attack!

Sharks can be trained

Don’t believe Hollywood when it says that all sharks are dangerous. These animals are actually fascinating, and essential for the ocean’s ecosystem. The Kattegatcenter is one of the only aquaria in Europe that trains its sharks. Experience, for example, how the large nurse sharks elegantly glide up the training ramp and roll over onto their backs.

We don’t train the sharks just to give our visitors a show though. We do it for the sharks themselves. Training creates trust and helps the sharks become accustomed to contact with humans. This makes it easier for our staff to measure the sharks, keep an eye on their condition and treat them for any medical problems.

See the sand tiger shark’s lightning attack!

We also feed the other animals in the shark tank during the daily training session. See, among other things, the large rays dance (and splash) at the water’s surface, while shark fins cut through the water, and dangerous jaws rip flatfish out of the trainer’s hand.

Of course the zebra shark, which actually has spots not stripes, also wants the dish of the day, the sandbar shark is ready to bite squid in half with its razor sharp teeth and the sand tiger shark is slowly approaching, getting ready for a last minute lightning attack.

All our animals are used to being fed from above, so keep your hands out the water!

Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, all feeding and training activities are cancelled.

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