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Vision and mission

We fight for the oceans

The Kattegatcenter’s mission is to provide experiences and information based on knowledge, opinions and emotions. That way we can help preserve the oceans and the life found in them.

The Kattegatcenter’s vision is for many more people to be smitten by the sea. We want to move and inspire people to enjoy, understand and protect the oceans.

We have therefore created a range of exciting experiences that are ready for you to dive in to. With interactive, educational and eye-opening exhibits and activities, we aim to give our visitors an increased understanding of the oceans, sharks and not least, how we can work together to protect the ocean and its environment. In addition to the exhibition areas, the Kattegatcenter has an active schools service, which is used by over 12,000 pupils and students each year.

To spread as many ripples as possible, we cooperate with politicians, universities, the business community and other aquaria and zoos around the world. We also have an extensive breeding programme for several of the centre’s native and tropical species of fish, so we can, in the future, be self-sufficient for animals. Sparing the wild stocks is looking after the oceans!

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