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Exhibits at the Kattegatcenter

Find out more about our many exciting exhibits – a whole new world you can dive into!

Feel the power of the ocean in “The Ocean in Action”

In “The Ocean in Action”, you are not just a spectator – you are a participant. You have to push, pump, run and jump and use your body to explore the power of the ocean. You’ll get your blood pumping when your arms, legs and brain get put into action, while you learn about everything from oceanic currents and tides, to waves and speedy swimmers.

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Sink your teeth into seafood in “The Edible Ocean”

Mmm. In our exhibit, “The Edible Ocean” we serve up a sustainable seafood menu in our virtual seafood restaurant. Will you get a taste for having a clear conscience? You can also grow algae in the algae lab and learn more about the many uses for algae. There are also points to win if you hit the green fish – but remember to dodge the red ones!

Our aim is to inspire you to look after the ocean and hopefully you will be, once you know about the ocean as a resource. For example when you know the difference between a green, yellow and red fish, when you know what the MSC label means and which fish species can be caught sustainably.

The contents of the algae lab were developed in close cooperation with researchers from AlgeCenter Denmark.

The living kitchen

The Kattegatcenter’s new kitchen may look like a real kitchen - where you can fillet a fish, roast it, bake a pizza in the oven, meet up with the family around the dining table before doing the dishes. However, in fact it is digital and filled with both fun games and exacting knowledge for the entire family! We guarantee that you will become smarter.

You might be aware of the fact that eating oily fish is good for your heart, but did you know that oily fish also makes sperm cells swim faster and reduces the risk of premature birth. Even rats get less curious if they lack omega-3 fatty acids.

Only 10% of Danish children get the 350 grams of fish per week, which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recommends children as well as adults to eat. Also adults eat to little fish. Does that include you? Visit "The living kitchen" in the Kattegatcenter and become wiser as to why you should eat fish.

To make it extra easy for you, we have made ten delicious recipes that you can bring with you back home.

Find out more about the 250 species found at the Kattegatcenter

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