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Explore a sea of fascinating exhibitions

Here, you can read about some of the many exciting interactive exhibitions at Kattegatcentre – a whole new world to dive into!

At the Kattegatcentre, we have a sea of exciting, interactive exhibitions:

  • Come on an exciting journey into the domain of penguins in our interactive experience universe about penguins
  • Learn more about the fearsome and fascinating sharks in our exciting shark exhibition
  • In our exhibition "Dead Waters," we focus on the dead Danish marine environment
  • The exhibition "Plastic - a material that changed the world" focuses on the plastic issue
  • In the exhibition "The Living Kitchen," you can play your way to lots of knowledge about fish and health

Below, you can read more about Kattegatcentre’s many exciting interactive exhibitions!

Exhibition about penguins

Interactive exhibition about penguins Take a trip to the domain of the penguins!

Penguins are fantastic, amusing and unusual birds, which remind us of ourselves far more than you might think. At Kattegatcentre’s large, two-storey penguin facility, you can also experience an exciting, interactive exhibition about penguins, which invites you to travel to their domain.

No two penguin species are the same, and there are lots of them! In fact, there are a whopping 18 different species, and they live everywhere from the frigid cold of Antarctica to the tropical heat of the Galapagos! The new penguin facility at Kattegatcentre also offers an experience universe about penguins. Here, we shine the spotlight on the penguins’ versatility, zeroing in on the differences that set them apart and the characteristics that they have in common!

Get up close and personal with the penguins

In the interactive exhibition about penguins, you can get up close to the lives of the penguins and their clever behaviour, which you will probably recognise from your own life as a human being. Put yourself in the penguin’s shoes and try to score a mate or build your own nest. Or do you think your hearing could be as sharp as a penguin’s?

Through interactive and educational experience stations, the whole family can learn much more about the life of a penguin – for better or worse! Life as a penguin can be hard, and the creature faces a multitude of threats from different areas. At Kattegatcentre, we therefore also focus on these threats and what we can do to counteract them.

You can look forward to an educational, frigid and fantastic experience at Kattegatcentre’s interactive exhibition on penguins!

You can find more information about our new penguin experience here

Shark Exhibition

Let the awe-inspiring sharks grip you like never before

We let the fascinating, fantastic, and awe-inspiring sharks grip you like never before in our exhibition about sharks!

In 1993, The Kattegatcentre opened its doors for the first time, offering a truly unique shark experience, and since then, over 7 million guests have come face to face with our impressive top predators. A mix of fascination and thrill has swept through the audience as the sand tiger shark has showcased its razor-sharp teeth.

We explore the fascinating world of sharks in a state-of-the-art exhibition about these majestic predators and their amazing hunting abilities. Read, touch, and play your way to brand-new thoughts about the ocean's reigning "lion," occupying an irreplaceable position at the top of the food chain. In the new shark exhibition, you can hunt like a great white shark, use the hammerhead shark's electric sense to locate hidden prey on the ocean floor, and even quiz yourself on sharks' favorite meals!

Get ready for the sharpest and most innovative shark experience in our exhibition about sharks!

Dead Waters

Experience our latest exhibit "Dead Waters" about the deceased Danish marine environment

In our new exhibit "Dead Waters" we focus on why marine life around Denmark is struggling and what can be done about it.

In 2023, the sea around Denmark was hit by the worst oxygen depletion in 20 years. There were few fish to catch, and scientists described the Danish marine environment with words like catastrophe, ecocide, and tragedy.

In the Kattegatcentre's new exhibit "Dead Waters" you experience up close how poor marine environments look like and learn about the many threats to life below the surface. It's dark, gloomy, and foul-smelling! Fortunately, you can also be inspired to take action, see how it should be, and explore the paths to change.

And once you've know about the problems in the sea, you can test your very own idea to save the sea in the big idea machine, which beeps and bubbles and creates an image of your idea.


In the Kattegatcentre's new exhibit "Dead Waters" you can:

  • Find out why marine animals are dying in Danish waters - and learn what we can do about it
  • See what oxygen depletion looks like in Denmark's (possibly only) oxygen-depleted aquarium
  • Test your skills as a minister of the marine environment and experience that it's not quite easy to protect the sea
  • Make ideas to save life in the sea - and test them in the large, whimsical "Idea-O-Mator 3000" idea machine

NEW IN 2024

So bring your family to an eye-opening experience that not only gives you knowledge about the sea around Denmark but also what can be done to improve the poor Danish marine environment!

Plastic exhibition

Plastic – a material that changed the world

Learn more about plastic in the exhibition “Plastic – a material that changed the world”.

The exhibition “Plastic – a material that changed the world” was created in collaboration with the Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change, and it focuses on the 10 million tonnes of plastic that end up in our oceans every year. However, the exhibition is not designed to frighten but rather to offer a more nuanced picture of the problem we face with plastic.

At Kattegatcentre’s exhibition on plastic, you can watch animated videos on the handling of plastic, learn more about the numerous advantages of the material and travel 500 years into the future to see the decomposition – or lack thereof – of a plastic bottle.

The living kitchen

Learn about fish and health in the exhibition “The living kitchen”

In “The living kitchen”, you can cut a herring, prepare a cod or play your way to a wealth of knowledge on fish and health.

Kattegatcentre’s new kitchen resembles a real kitchen, where you can fillet fish, fry herring, throw a pizza in the oven, gather around the dinner table with your family and do the dishes. It’s just that everything is digital and full of new knowledge and fun games for the whole family! And we can guarantee that you will learn something.

You can read more about “The living kitchen” here

You can find more information about our 200 species of animals and sea aquariums here

You can find the day’s programme here

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